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Studios for the Best Pilates in Cleveland


When it comes to having the studios for the best pilates in Cleveland, we know what you’re looking for! get ready for the results of your workout with the best pilates studios.

Pilates is designed to change your body, mind, and spirit. It’s not just a workout; it’s a way to live and get healthy. Come experience the studios for the best pilates in Cleveland today!

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1- The Studio Cleveland

BEST FOR  Pilates
ADDRESS 1395 W 10th St #120, Cleveland, OH 44113
CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 216-621-7085
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Thursday: 10AM-8PM
Friday to Sunday: 9AM-4PM

Studio Cleveland is one of the perfect studios for the best pilates in Cleveland where you can enjoy some “Myself” time to release all your depression and tension. It is based in the downtown heart of Cleveland to provide community-centered holistic wellness plus education.

The Studio Cleveland offers a beautiful & large space to give your peace, solitude, and stillness in the town. They have some clear and concise Yoga and Pilates classes that help people to relax their muscles, release all stress, and enjoy the life ahead.

However, the studio covers almost 4,500 square foot space where you will find two yoga rooms made with a wooden floor of 20+ft. Sunlighten infrared sauna, ceilings, a changing room built with two showers, two private therapy rooms, wellness coaching sessions, and much more.

They also have a Thai Massage specialty room, sound therapy room, energy work-related activities, Ayurvedic consultations, and treatments. So basically, this is your one and all package to make your body active and back in its good posture. 


      • Studio Cleveland stands for justice, fairness, and equality for everyone of every class.

      • They support you without the classifications of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and mental or physical abilities.

      • The mission behind Studio Cleveland is to create a peaceful space for spiritual growth where certified trainers provide a suite of wellness services.

      • The studio also offers training courses in the most peaceful atmosphere that will not just enhance your personal growth but as well as spiritual growth.

      • Provide positive energy that improves physical growth and mental peace.

      • Offering an inclusive and suspicious large space for all people.


        • Gena gave a rating of 4.8 positive rating to this studio, she is a regular client here to perform Yoga and Pilates activity.

        • John has covered up his depression issues through Studio Cleveland’s therapeutic Yoga classes.

      2- Be Fitness

      BEST FOR  Pilates
      ADDRESS 10400 Clifton Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44102
      CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 216-227-9710
      OPERATING HOURS Monday to Thursday: 7AM-1:30PM / 3PM-9PM
      Friday: 7AM-1:30PM / 3PM-7PM
      Saturday to Sunday: 9AM-2PM

       If you are looking for the studios for the best pilates in Cleveland BE FITNESS is the place for people who just don’t want to stay fit, but also improve their body posture and toned muscles. The studio has professional trainers in the pilates department with 6 Pilates towers and reformers, 6 Wunda chairs, along with a ladder barrel.

      The pilates classes are open 7 days a week in the shifts of mornings and evenings. However, Be Fitness was also voted for the Cleveland Hotlist’s Best Pilates Studio in 2017. The owner Christina Anderson made the place for everyone.

      Be Fitness is a supportive space for everyone to feed their bodies with positive energy and release all unnecessary stress. If you are a fitness lover, then you will surely love this place as it will not just give you a comfortable space but also offer you physical self-expression via different types of movement.

      They have a wide community of passionate students and staff that are kind and authentic. Also, Be Fitness offers you quality space for every individual to get in shape and tone up muscles for a better tomorrow.


          • In 2015, Be Fitness added pilates reformer classes for everyone.

          • Be Fitness is a space full of fitness boutiques including pilates reformer, pole fitness, Lyra, aerial silks, yoga, aerial hammock, adult ballet, and Spin.

          • The studio also added spin cycling classes in 2018.

          • They are passionate about offering the best and most comfortable space for people of every race.

          • The goal is to assist students to become more confident and stronger.

          • The staff is very kind and friendly to not just discuss the importance of pilates, but also provide some soluble solutions.


            • Amanda took pilates classes for 1 month and she felt the real change in her body and mind. She gave a 4.5 rating online.

            • Tricia is a college student and loves doing pilates at Be Fitness.

          3- Cleveland Pilates

          BEST FOR  Personal Fitness
          ADDRESS 3445 Warrensville Center Rd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122
          CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 216-245-8023
          OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 5AM-9PM
          Saturday: 5AM-5:30PM
          Sunday: 5AM-12PM

          At Cleveland Pilates, you will find an approachable environment to learn new pilates tricks and understand the value of doing it regularly. They are not just a Studio performer, but they are a fully trained certified professional to assist you in performing pilates as a beginner.

          One of the reachable studios for the best pilates in Cleveland that makes you think to perform better than yesterday (every day). They have some useful methods that make their clients come back again and again.

          However, the Cleveland Pilates Studio is located in the Metro Cleveland area. Also, you will learn new techniques and methods of pilates which are both effective and efficient. Make your mind and body fill with positivity only, and Cleveland Pilates knows how to do it.

          The studio also develops customized programs depending on the needs of individuals. Postural correction, utilization of rehabilitation pilates principles, functional performance maximization as well as sports-specific athletic conditioning are important to their practice.


              • Individualized programs offer to improve body imbalance posture and body asymmetry.

              • They also have rehabilitation pilates to assist people of every race.

              • A private training option is also valid that offers to perform sessions with 3 people of your choice at very affordable rates.

              • A comprehensive and fully customized Pilates program is available just for you.

              • Different rooms to perform pilates in different categories.


                • Kelly is their regular client to take private training sessions. She is very satisfied with their methods and visits the studio every day.

                • Johnny is a crazy fitness boy and he loves to try different pilates methods from many studios. Recently he joined Be Fitness and he is doing their rehabilitation pilates he is a satisfied positive client.

              4- Callie’s Pilates

              BEST FOR  Personal Fitness
              ADDRESS 2017 E 9th St Floor B2, Cleveland, OH 44115
              CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 216-816-1177
              OPERATING HOURS Monday to Tuesday: 7AM–8PM
              Wednesday: 7AM–7PM
              Thursday: 7AM–8PM
              Friday: 7AM–12PM
              Saturday: 8AM-12PM
              Sunday: 10AM-12PM

              Callie’s Pilates is the best studio for Cleveland people to enjoy some peaceful time with its 50-minute full-body reformer workout that gives them a complete body fitness routine. The best feature of this studio is that it is affordable and offers amazing packages.

              However, its private session is also available for people to avail the opportunity of getting trained in their own space. Also, there are numerous reviews available online that showed their love for Callie from the second they stepped into her studio.

              This self-owned private studio is one of the recommended studios for the best Pilates in Cleveland. The owner is a very loving and friendly person who deals with the customers like a family. Highly professional, friendly, and understanding staff ready to assist you.

              For those people who have been suffering from shoulder or neck pain due to bad posture, then hitting the Pilates studio will surely heal them soon. Furthermore, those people who find difficulties in recovering their body posture should show themselves to Callie’s Pilates.


                  • Recommended studio for improving body posture.

                  • The owner is a very kind and genuine person.

                  • Professional and helpful staff to assist you in any case.

                  • A complete full body 50-minute reformer workout.

                  • Private sessions are also available at affordable rates.


                    • Zen is very happy to get back his body posture. He has been constantly experiencing neck and back pain for the past 3 months, and after joining Callie’s Pilates studio, his pain has gone, and improved his body posture.

                    • Rahima is a teen member of Callie’s Studio where she learned different methods to calm down her tension and stress.

                  5- White Cloud Studio

                  BEST FOR  Pilates
                  ADDRESS 2460 Fairmount Blvd, Cleveland, OH 44106
                  CONTACT DETAILS Phone: +1 216-229-3232
                  OPERATING HOURS Monday to Thursday: 7:30AM-8PM
                  Friday: 8AM-6:30PM
                  Saturday: 8AM-1PM
                  Sunday Closed

                  White Cloud Studios of Cleveland Heights is located in the Cedar-Fairmount Business District, a part of town that has been transformed into an arts and entertainment district over the past few years. The studio can be found in the Heights Medical building which sits at 2450 Fairmount Blvd.

                  The building is considered the second home to Barrios and Luna Bakery. Although, when you enter the studio, you just make sure to choose the parking area of the building. Then you can take the walkway entrance beside it that will lead you directly to the studio’s door.

                  The Cleveland Heights Studio is one of the most modern in town, and its noncompetitive atmosphere gives you a chance to renew your mind as well as your body. Fresh spring water is always available for quenching thirsts that may arise during class.

                  The goal of this studio is to provide you with the most benefits from maintaining the body posture to give you a healthy life ahead. This is one of the recommended studios for the best pilates in Cleveland to offer amazing new methods and pilates techniques.


                      • They have innovative ways to balance your body posture and improve positive energy.

                      • Different packages are available for pilates sessions.

                      • Neat and clean environment.

                      • Peaceful space doing pilates all day long to release all your body stress.


                        • Haka is a new member of White Cloud studio and he is delighted with the services.

                        • Rena left a 4.7 rating star online for the studio and recommended it.

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